Monday, August 26, 2013


If anyone still checks this, Thank you! I just started going to school full time as well as working full time so I won't be able to update this. I'll be back someday!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

DigitalOdin Loves Dishonored (Part 1) - I Am Not Her Husband

Here's my first Dishonored video! I don't think I'm very entertaining yet but as I make more videos I should be more relaxed and the flow should go better.

Link to YouTube

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Final Fantasy 1 - Part 12

Adventures of Canoe and Co!

After looking at the world map, there's not much to explore yet. I'm going to check out the forest and cave and see what's what.

Alright northern most small cave (NE of Mount Gulg)... some guy/girl informs me "" Yes, quite. Ah, there's a six headed dragon that "resonates with the eerie howling of wind..." Another optional dungeon to unlock!

Ding! (43) Fighting fishies pays off.

Southern cave leads to the Cavern of Ice! Let's check Mount Gulg first just in case there's a quest to lead me here.

Hmm... Mount Gulg is just a dungeon. Whelp, I'm already here! B1.

P.S. don't walk on the lava.

Err... ignore that. You have to walk on the lava and it really doesn't hurt that much. B2!

I like the enemies here! Horned Devils, Fire Hydras, and... uhh... others... Ding! (44)

Holy chests batman!

B3 and Level up! (45)

That was short... B4

Wait... stairs back up to B3?

Alrighty, B4 again.

Top left has a Flame Shield and Icebrand. That sounds convenient!

B5! Ding! (46)

Woot! Fire Crystal fight! Marilith the flamy snake queen.

Ha, you dead!

Fire Crystal is ours!!

Teleport and then canoe back to Crystal Lake for a little R&R.

It showed I opened up the fire crystal optional dungeon but I'm not sure where that is. Nothing else really opened up so I'll head to the Cavern of Ice! Next time...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Final Fantasy 1 - Part 11

Earthgift Shrine we go.

Alrighty, that statue is out of the way. Let's go through the door and... I'm in the middle of the desert? Da fuq?

Well, let's just go straight left. Oh a single palm tree. That's helpful. Another palm tree.  Another palm tree...  Anoth... it's the same palm tree isn't it.  Okay, let's try straight down.

Sweet a chest! And the stairs down? Earthgift Shrine B2!

And now I'm in a cave with no way back up. Weird.

That was a short level, B3!

Somehow shorter... B4! Err... As in I went down the stairs and now I'm in a purple forest with a dude blocking my way. No really!

Luckily they're just Black Goblins. Pushovers.

Whelp, while looking up a map for B4 I found out THIS IS AN OPTIONAL DUNGEON. Ha. There are four bosses featured from Final Fantasy III and a dungeon like this gets opened every time you collect a crystal. I'll go ahead and fight one and see how I do.

That was a long level but finally B5.

Oh snap it's Cerberus!

I beat him! That was pretty tough. Jesse survived with only 2hp.

Oh, lame, I can't go back and try the others without going through the whole thing. Sure, why not?

Ding! (41)  Okay, I made it back. Lets go with NW this time.

A 2-Headed Dragon!? I've made a huge mistake.

Hmm, he hits hard but I think I got this.

I did got this! Heal, save, back to boss #3.

Almost there... Level up! (42)

Time to fight... the Echidna!

That was a bit tougher, but I made it!

Heal, save, last boss!

Ahriman? never heard of these. Flying eyeball monster.

I am the winrar! Yippeeee!  Whelp, that's all there was to Earthgift Shrine. Four pretty tough bosses. Now what the hell am I suppose to do?

Oh right, Crescent Lake. That one place I went to way too early.

Whoa, 12 old dudes just standing around in a forest. They gave me a canoe tho so that's pretty cool. I'm suppose to go to Mount Gulg to take back the Fire Crystal, hells yeah!

"When all four Crystals shine once more, return here." -old dude, Crescent Lake

Oh man, time to explore with my new canoe! Next time...

Friday, January 25, 2013

Final Fantasy 1 - Part 10

Cavern of Earth B3, here we go.

Made it back to Melmond for a little R&R. Now where was that golem blocking the way?

Sailing around some more. (38) I think I need to look at a map. I don't have the best internal navigation. It's not cheating because I say so.  In fact, I'll look up spoiler-free map...

Oh sweet I found one. It does have the buildings but not names, which is good.

Mokay, I figured out where I am and suppose to go. Yay maps! I fed the golem the Star Ruby. It was probably worth millions of gil.

The Giant's Cave led me out and to the Sage's Cave! Hey it's that Sadda guy.

Turns out the Vampire I killed was just a servant (I'd hope with only two hits to take him out) and the beast corrupting the Earth Crystal is deeper within. He gave me the earth rod to use on that tablet I couldn't get past. Time to trek back!

Cavern of Earth B4, stronger enemies. Ding! (39)

Guys, I found the Earth Crystal!

Time to fight... the Fiend of Earth!!

Thundaga, I choose you!

Woot, earth crystal is mine!

Takes soooo long to get out of here... (40)

Yay! Done with Cavern of Earth! On to Earthgate shrine, next time!

Final Fantasy 1 - Part 9

Time to kick in in the Cavern of the Earth!

Ding! (36)

B2! More bat sprites.

After much wandering around we've arrived at B3.

Ding! (37)

Hello mr vampire!

Seriously? Two hits and he dies?  Ha!

Sweet, a dead end. "A stone slap is set in the floor. An evil force seems to emanate from within."

And...?  Fine I'll ignore it for now and walk my ass back to the entrance. Who the hell needed the Star Ruby anyway? Right, that golem dick likes gems. I'll try him.

Next time...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Final Fantasy 1 - Part 8

That was quite a bit of grinding. Let's get back to exploration/story shall we?

Oh dear god this world wraps around and I have no idea where I'm suppose to go.

Soooo many battles, where the hell am I suppose to dock? Seriously, there's a bunch of shit I can see where to go but nowhere to dock!

Yes! Melmond!  Oh crap, this place looks like trash. Oh lawl, there's a vampire.

"In the cave at the southern tip of the continent lives a man named Sadda. He is a wise man who knows much."  Okay old dude, we'll visit Sadda... later...

Note to self: giants in caves love gems.

Dr. Unne... nope never heard of him.

Whoop, got some level 5 spells including Life, Curaga, Fireaga, and Healara.

Giant's Cave...  "You shall not pass!"  Cute.

Cavern of Earth B1 - sounds like this is where we should be.

Okay, what the hell. Every step I take is another battle (35)

O lord I'm tired.