Friday, January 25, 2013

Final Fantasy 1 - Part 10

Cavern of Earth B3, here we go.

Made it back to Melmond for a little R&R. Now where was that golem blocking the way?

Sailing around some more. (38) I think I need to look at a map. I don't have the best internal navigation. It's not cheating because I say so.  In fact, I'll look up spoiler-free map...

Oh sweet I found one. It does have the buildings but not names, which is good.

Mokay, I figured out where I am and suppose to go. Yay maps! I fed the golem the Star Ruby. It was probably worth millions of gil.

The Giant's Cave led me out and to the Sage's Cave! Hey it's that Sadda guy.

Turns out the Vampire I killed was just a servant (I'd hope with only two hits to take him out) and the beast corrupting the Earth Crystal is deeper within. He gave me the earth rod to use on that tablet I couldn't get past. Time to trek back!

Cavern of Earth B4, stronger enemies. Ding! (39)

Guys, I found the Earth Crystal!

Time to fight... the Fiend of Earth!!

Thundaga, I choose you!

Woot, earth crystal is mine!

Takes soooo long to get out of here... (40)

Yay! Done with Cavern of Earth! On to Earthgate shrine, next time!

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