Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Final Fantasy 1 - Part 8

That was quite a bit of grinding. Let's get back to exploration/story shall we?

Oh dear god this world wraps around and I have no idea where I'm suppose to go.

Soooo many battles, where the hell am I suppose to dock? Seriously, there's a bunch of shit I can see where to go but nowhere to dock!

Yes! Melmond!  Oh crap, this place looks like trash. Oh lawl, there's a vampire.

"In the cave at the southern tip of the continent lives a man named Sadda. He is a wise man who knows much."  Okay old dude, we'll visit Sadda... later...

Note to self: giants in caves love gems.

Dr. Unne... nope never heard of him.

Whoop, got some level 5 spells including Life, Curaga, Fireaga, and Healara.

Giant's Cave...  "You shall not pass!"  Cute.

Cavern of Earth B1 - sounds like this is where we should be.

Okay, what the hell. Every step I take is another battle (35)

O lord I'm tired.

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