Thursday, January 17, 2013

Amnesia - Part 1

Jeff and I have been playing for quite a while on and off... I have no clue what we're doing. Luckily Jeff remembers the slightest details when it comes to layout.

Not sure how far we are but it feels like we are near the end. I don't really remember what's going on other than we are deep under the house and we just came across a dude missing most his face.


 Okay, some random room that means nothing and this is Amnesia so let's stay crouched and sloooowly move around.

Ooops my sanity is ...

Huh, not much here. Where did we come from? Oh, it's the dude with no face, let's go the other way.

Cistern?  Sure let's go through the door.


Okay there he is, just stay crouched and don't look him in the eye holes.

Phew. Okay four way intersection, go right obviously.

This room has a lot of weird drawings. Probably important.

Jeff had to leave so we'll stop here.

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