Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Final Fantasy 1 - Part 4

Going to wander around and explore some more with the ship.

I found a hole in the map down south... let's go! Marsh Cave B1. This sounds deep.

Okay, there's a stair case leading down in the top left and a rope ladder down in the bottom. Meh, rope ladder it is. Marsh Cave B2!!

Ding!! (18)

Blast! I found a broadsword and I just bought one from town.

Weird, I don't think they lead to the same place. I've been wandering around and found the way lower but not the way back up other than the ladder.  Gotta heal up and then I'm going back to the other way down. That makes sense in my head.

I found the elf kingdon of, get this, Elfheim! HEAL ME LITTLE ELFS

The prince is in trouble?

Fira and Thundara baby!

"When the time is right the future will be revealed to me. I shall wait here until then." -random elf chick near the armor store.

Gravestone had something interesting on it.

They have level 3 and 4 spells for sale. Whelp, there goes my money. Time to grind! *looks at clock* Next time!

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