Sunday, January 13, 2013

Final Fantasy 1 - Part 1

Howdy folks! Today we're going to start our Final Fantasy series with the first one. I've started this game multiple times but never bothered to finish it.  Well it's about time!

Final Fantasy was originally released in Japan for the NES December 18th, 1987. It's been remade quite a few times and the version I'll be playing is the GBA release: Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls which came out in the US November 29th, 2004. Click the link for more info and a list of extras this version of the game came with.

Well, let's get started!


Oh man, this music is great.

Assign each character's name and class... Oh jeez.

Man I kinda like the default combo: Warrior, Thief, White Mage, and Black Mage. I'd be leaving out the Monk and Red Mage tho.  Hmm... If anything I'd swap the Monk for the Thief. Yeah, then I won't feel like I HAVE to steal from every creature ever.

Okay here are my peeps:

The world lies shrouded in darkness!

Oooooh, am I a warrior of light!?

I'm totally a warrior of light.

World map right away!  Gonna level my butt off for no reason before any story happens. Yeah!

First fight and I'm ambushed by 3 Goblins. Balls.

Goblins can't stop no warriors of light!

Oh snap, level up! (2)

"This is Cornelia, the city of dreams." Okay green haired lady.

The King wants to see me? Oh very well.

Oh shut up Chancellor, we're totes the warriors of light.

Rescue your daughter? Hells yeah!

Garland abducted Princess Sarah and has taken her to the Chaos Shrine.  To the north!!

The dancing girl in town knows odd bits of information huh? I wonder how she learned them...

Old dude in the castle said something interesting: "Our ancestors sealed weapons within this treasure house four hundred years ago... They then gave the key to the elf king to hold until the coming of the Warriors of Light." Gotta find that elf king!!

Level up!! (3)

I caved and bought Cure, I wanted to see if I could find it for free.

Level up!! (4)

Grinding machine... Level up!! (5)

Okay, time for supper. Here's my progress:

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