Saturday, January 19, 2013

Final Fantasy 1 - Part 6

Alright, let's go wake up a prince.


So many doors to unlock...

Now I have to go through my past entries and find where all the doors are.

Got the one in the Elven castle. Let's check out Marsh Cave because there were quite a few down there.

I think I got them all out of Marsh Cave and a Ding! (23)

On a hunch I assumed there was a mystic key door in Western Keep I forgot to jot down. I was right, nice upgrades in there too.

Wandering around trying to find the Dwarf place again was a nightmare, but I dinged! (24)

There are a lot of chests in the dwarven mystic room... Wyrmkiller?!  That just sounds badass

Got the one in the Chaos Shrine and it had Werebuster.  Were stuff be...ware!

Oh snap! I double-checked to make sure there wasn't another room here... there totally was and it has a Rune Blade!

Okay that should be all of them except for the first Castle... onward!

Whooooop! Nitro powder! Gotta hit up dem dwarves... Next time.

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