Friday, January 18, 2013

Final Fantasy 1 - Part 5

Short on money, high on time... let us grind!

ding!! (19)

Oh yeah, let's go back to the cave.

Went back to that top stairs down... not much down there, going back to the rope ladder and then to B3.

Did I mention this place is filled with bat sprites saying "Kee kee!"

Found a door in the SW of B3 that is bound by the mystic key. Lame.

Ding! (20) Not so lame.

And another mystic key room the east of that...

...and another one east of that.

Oh FFS, a double mystic key room east of that.

I found the crown! I'm going to talk to the elf prince first before going back to Western Keep.

"The witch Matoya can brew any potion you can image." I can imagine quite a bit little elf dude.

"The dwarves live in a cave on the western edge of the Aldean Sea. They're a friendly bunch!" - random elf. Sure, trust a dwarf loving elf...

Oh! So the dark elf king, Astos, is not king of all the elfs, just the dark elfs. He's the one who cursed the elf prince. Lame balls.

Nice, they have a treasure house bound with a mystic key!

The elf prince has been asleep for 5 years, the healer is looking for a medicine that can rouse sleep. Maybe the dwarves have it? Oh wait! That elf mentioned Matoya being able to brew any potion I can image. I image a sleep wakey upy potion. Now, where to find her?

To the Western Keep!

Here you go guy, I got your crown back!


You are going down elf king!

Down in two rounds again... THE BEST!

I obtain the crystal eye. Yay maybe...

Oh! The crystal eye! "Oh a cave up north of Pravoka has some old dude in it missing a crystal ball.  Dude has brooms that sweep the place on their own so you know he's legit."
^^This is why I have this blog. To the old dude!

Err... first dem dwarves.  Mount Duergar, cool cool.

The Smyth can make me a magical sword with adamantite. Noted.

More mystic key doors.

Nerrick needs help getting rid of a giant rock in his way. He needs nitro pouder! (his words not mine)

Level up! (22) I must have missed one in there.

Okay Matoya has her crystal eye back and I have jolt tonic. Hmm... jolt. Perhaps I shall jolt someone awake. Heheheheh.

Done for now!

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