Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Final Fantasy 1 - Part 3

First off, I added a little grinding to the end of part 2. Not much happened, trust me.

Today we're going to find out what these pirates are doing in Pravoka.


Bikke's Bikkeneers! These guys sound legit.

Battle is over after killing 9 measly pirates.


So I guess there's some elves to the north but the elf prince has fallen into a deep sleep. Oh and there are no docks in the north.

Some old dude fled from Melmond, a town far to the west overrun by monsters. I'll help you! But first I'm going to explore more and make sure there' nothing else on this continent.

Level up! (14)

Oh, might as well make it x3 (16)

Now off to the deep blue oceans in our brand new pirate ship.

Mokay, port to the south or west.  South!

Oops, ding again (17)

I wandered way west and found the ruined Western Keep. The king was tricked by Astos, king of the dark elves. Damn him. If i retrieve his crown from Marsh Cave, the king will be able to restore his castle. Sounds like a job for the WARRIORS OF LIGHT!

Time for bed.

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