Sunday, January 20, 2013

Final Fantasy 1 - Part 7

Let's blow up some dwarf crap with our nitro powder.

Crazy dwarf man Nerrick made a canal!

Time to explore ye 'ol western lands.

After crossing the canal there's a dangerous looking whirlpool... obviously I have to go into it!

Lifespring Grotto. Huh, there's a random woman here.  Oh, that's a tail. She's a mermaid. Apparently this place exists to allow mermaids and humans to love and live together.

Another creepy shrine evil looking thing. "Fetid water seeps from the statue..."

Time to explore the vast blue pixelated ocean. Following the coast south, around to the east, and then north until it looks like a new land area. Let's check it out.

Nice, this place has some high level monsters, gotta find a town and grind.

Crescent Lake! Dat Inn.

200g seems kinda steep.  Oh look at all the upgrades!  Magic... wait a tick, they're selling lvl 6 spells and I don't even have lvl 5 yet.  Whoops!

Level up! (25) Damn, still no level 6 spells

Ding again! (26) that was fast... and lvl 6 spells!

Damn, each spell is 13k. Gonna grab 2 black and 2 white.

Here are my spells so far.

Time for bed!


Let's grind!

Level up! (27)

Ding! (28) This is goin pretty fast.

Double Ding! (30) Damn this place is awesome for grinding.

This is going to be a pretty boring session... I think I'll add it to the end of the last one.

Lalala don't mind me (34)

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