Monday, January 14, 2013

Final Fantasy 1 - Part 2

In which we grind a bunch more and try to find Garland. You know, the ex-knight who stole the princess!  Let's get him!!


Oh yeah, this version has a bestiary. 143 Goblins defeated! *flex*

Grind. Level up! (6)

There's a Chaos Shrine and a cave up north. Chaos Shrine is where we're suppose to go so... Cave!

Earthgift Shrine. Sounds cool.

Oh balls, some old dude is just chillin in here.

Dafuq is this statue thing in the way?

"The putrid stench of decaying earth hangs on the air..." Go home statue, you're drunk.

Okay, grind to level 7 and then to Chaos Shrine!

Ding! (7) Should I buy equipment?  Nah... I'll wait to see what I find at the shrine... #badidea
I did buy Fire and Thunder for Jesse.

Holy poop I have a lot of money from grinding.  LALALABUYALLTHETHINGS

Oooooh, a door in the first floor, top right is bound by a mystic key. *note to self

Errr, and the bottom right as well. This key gets around.

Garland!  He wants to trade the princess for the kingdom.  Totally even trade.

Watch out, he's going to knock us down!

Two rounds and he died. I may have been grinding too much. Nah!

Guys, we saved the princess!

Oh now the king believes we're the Warriors of Light. Psh. Whatever.

Crystal hunters are we.  First crystal is in the north. Everything is in the north!

I uhh... obtain the lute? Also, ding! (8)

So appearantly the lute has been passed down generations and can shatter the gateway of evil. To the cave!

Fastest. Bridge Construction. Ever.

Okay, so that stinky statue is still here. I guess it's not a gateway so I'll leave it for now. Bummer.

Let's check out the Shrine again now that Garland is gone.

Aww... nothing here.  Grind time!

Whooop! (9)

Crossed the bridge and headin East.

Oh no Jesse died! Stupid wolves!

Thank god a town! Pravoka? Oh dear, the first person I speak to says "Please, help us!"


Time for bed!


Hopping on for a quick grind before work.

Grind grind grind! (10)

Oh a cave up north of Pravoka has some old dude in it missing a crystal ball.  Dude has brooms that sweep the place on their own so you know he's legit.

Ding!  x3 (13)

Okay, time for work. Next time, pirates!

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